Inkosi Keta Marine ( Pty) Ltd was founded in 1996 with the purpose to provide a world class processing facility that would enable the local fishing community to market their quota allocation on the overseas market thereby affording the Right Holders the opportunity to maximize the benefit of their allocation.

Over the years Inkosi Keta has coached and guided the nearshore fishers and assisted them to optimise the benefit of their labours.

Initially product was held and transported in hessian sacks, brought to the factory and shaken out with the result that quality was not always of a satisfactory standard. With some guidance and training a more satisfactory system was implemented and quality is now of the optimum. Various programmes and systems have been tried and tested over the years until finally finding one in which all participate and with which all are comfortable and in agreement.

Generally it has been a road of sharing, learning, guidance and upliftment for those contracted to Inkosi Keta. All concerned are committed to transparency, empowerment, and upliftment. With ongoing trust they have developed a stable, rewarding and internationally recognised business.

Knowing that they are in the competent hands of sound, efficient and fair management the contracted fishers are now able to concentrate on the utilisation of their right, have peace of mind that they have the security of regular and satisfactory income.

Our Team

Inkosi Keta processing facility is the only facility in the Western Cape to be operated by a lady, Crystal Gerstner who is a founding member of the company. The successful team of 5 women and 9 men has a combined 185 years of experience; 53 years in marketing and 132 years jointly in HR, supervising, packing and accounting. Further anticipated development will enable the team to continue to provide employment to 14 individuals whose income support approximately 56 people whereby at the same time provide us with the confidence to grow our packing volumes; increase the average earnings of our employees and make available further employment opportunity.


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