Inkosi Keta is a South African company in the true sense operating in the fishing industry packing, processing and marketing West Coast Rock Lobster. It is a company owned, managed, worked and supplied by true wholehearted South Africans. The absolute intention of all concerned within the infrastructure of Inkosi Keta is for the company to be recognized for its ability to acknowledge stakeholders, customers and the community equally.

Inkosi Keta BEE Status is a Level 1 Contributor, achieving a score of 135% on the Qualifying Small Enterprise Scorecard. Elements audited were Management Control, Employment Equity, Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Developlment.

Inkosi Keta was founded by Sean Patterson in 1996 and is a private company for the processing and marketing of West Coast Rock Lobster, with its principal offices being located at Lot 74A, Off Harbour Road, Hout Bay.

Inkosi Keta Marine (PTY) Ltd operates within the Rock Lobster Fishery which fishery falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of South Africa. The relevant department regulates our business ensuring that we adhere to the regulations as listed in the Marine Living Resources Act of 1998. Inkosi Keta is required to operate within the realms of specific permits, these being a processing permit, an export permit and a transport permit all of which are current.

Our Right Holders’ permits are issued subject to the provisions and regulations of the following laws but not limited thereto:

The company’s goal is to become the best processing and marketing facility in the Western Cape providing a reputable and pristine facility to our customers. In pursuit of this goal we resolve to treat the stakeholders, customers and the community with the utmost respect and appreciation. In turn we anticipate that these groups regard Inkosi Keta as being their access to the best market prices and their future success.