We define our potential market as all individuals and companies who have been allocated fishing rights to catch and sell West Coast Rock Lobster. This market is governed by the Department of Forestry, Agriculture and Fishing and is referred to as the TAC (total allowable catch)

The fishing community is a very close-knit community and our reputation of transparent, honest and fair management of our Right Holders is in itself the reason for the growth in our customer base. The ownership structure of the company allows us access the top WCRL marketers in SA.
There are three other factories in Hout Bay that attempt to offer the same services as Inkosi Keta however they do not have as much holding tank capacity and are unable to hold the volume of product that is sometimes required in order to obtain favourable prices. Our customers are required to sign packing and marketing agreements. The duration of which may vary from one year to the full term of the long term right allocation of ten years.